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Collaboratory Projects

The development process utilized to create Collaboratory projects is particularly unique because:

The Art of Questionable Provenance

The Art of Questionable Provenance, (formerly titled The Brain Project), an eponymous new play collaboratively created by professional actors and eminent scientists, is the STAGE Collaboratory’s first theatrical creation. It is a collaboration between the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Chicago.

In The Art of Questionable Provenance, the lives of a photojournalist, a detective, an art authentication expert, and a fortune teller intersect around a bizarre crime. A tale of perception that parallels the functions of the brain and explores critical themes emerging from modern neuroscience, The Brain Project examines how we piece together the stories – real or illusory – of our selves. Do the firings of certain neurons in a particular pattern ultimately determine who we are?

The Art of Questionable Provenance participants include prominent scientists and professional artists.